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Bloggers in Singapore

People thought that blogging is dead and is not the same as it was 10 years ago. Unbeknownst to them, blogging is still very much alive and it is still an essential part of online content. The vast ecosystem of the internet is still full of high-quality blog sites that cater to a majority of internet users.

Singapore is a relatively minuscule country but it is the home of the best digital markets in the world. From a variety of categories such as food, lifestyle, travel, tech, movies, and even sports-related entertainment that you’ll find in a sportsbook Singapore website, Singaporean bloggers can offer well-curated content for you.

The following list gives you some of the best bloggers in News Singapore, make sure to check each one out.

Tiffany Young

You may know Tiffany Young as a television actress but she is also a prolific writer in her lifestyle blog. Her blog is known for essential content and she is also a high-profile blogger. Most of her content ranges from beauty products to undisputed movie reviews.

Aside from acting and content creating, she also utilizes her blog for her financial consultation services. If you are looking for an elegant and witty blogger make sure to check her website.

Darren Bloggie

Darren Ang, the founder of this blog has won numerous blogging awards from 2010 up to 2020. His content is primarily about lifestyle, travel, food reviews, and events. The content of his blog is versatile and straightforward and features a variety of media that portrays different destinations and must-try foods.

One unique category of his blog is the staycation category which features staycation ideas. This is for the readers who couldn’t afford to travel abroad but still want to enjoy the beauty of spending a vacation to get away from urban stress. He also collaborated with international brands like Disney, Samsung, Zalora, and Microsoft in his blogs.

The Dead Cockroach

Sounds like a funny name but a witty one nonetheless and no, his content is not about cockroaches, it is just an online moniker. The truth is, his blog is full of fancy and interesting content from food to travel.

The site also features ‘Halal Food’ reviews that talk about the authentic restaurants and hawker food scene in Singapore. The blog also features advertorials and has been around the internet since 2005. 


This site is founded by Bryan Choo who has a penchant for food, travel, and lifestyle. His website became also an independent media publication and features content about the Singaporean culture. The blog also has social media accounts like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter.

Seth Lui

This blog is a hub for honest food reviews and recommendations that are based on your budget. The platform features content about food, travel, and drinking that is much intuitive and informative. Their content is so interesting that will make you travel to Singapore right away.


Jena Dammaya is a blogger and a fashion model. Her content is about the latest fashion and beauty products. Make sure to check her Instagram account for updates on her fashion and modeling content.

The Wacky Duo

The blog is a unique take on the typical parenting lifestyle blog. This site’s content is about food recipes, traveling, gadgets, movie reviews, and a whole lot more. The platform is operated by each family member and they offer a fresh perspective on different topics.

Parka Blogs

Parka Blogs is created as a blog site for art-related topics like films, animation, and comics. The platform also features courses on drawing and painting and tips on buying art products. The website also features film reviews and tips for buying art tools for drawing.


This blog is helmed by a professional that gives honest reviews about food and dining. His passion for food and travel reflects in his blog posts. If you want an independent website that features a bible for food reviews and travels then check his website.


This handsome Singaporean blogger features fashion and memes on his site. It is a personal site with wacky and yet cute content. Make sure to subscribe to his Instagram account for updates of his fashion and comic content.