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Asiaone UNO

Board games have always been one of the best tools to create memorable social bonds. These games are a staple in many groups’ game night cultures. If you have played Monopoly, Risk or the simple UNO cards, in reality,these games are based on competition and instead of creating a rapport as they are supposed to, they could really create strained relationships.

Even though some of us are aware of that fact, we still love to play these games simply because of the human nature of desiring to win just to feel good. Without further adieu, these are the top table games if you want to exploit, manipulate or betray your friends over personal gratification from Asiaone.


Coup is a science fiction-themed board game that utilizes your ability to strategize and connive your way to victory. The objective of the game is to be the last person standing. There is a deck of fifteen cards consisting of three duplicates of five unique characters, each one has its own features and abilities you can use to bluff your way out. 

Donner Dinner Party

This rapid game is a test of your ability to lie your way into winning and to test your ability to deduce. The players are given random cards of either Pioneer or Cannibal. The cannibal will sabotage the game because they prefer human flesh, the game will end depending on which party is dominant in number.


Munchkin is akin to the Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game. It is also a strategy game with different characters and players must battle the monsters on each level.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

This game is also a role-playing game, with the werewolf as the antagonist. In each round, the players will use their abilities to survive the round and the villagers must determine who the werewolf is. The rounds will end once the werewolf is determined or if all of the villagers are eliminated.


Quoridor is a minimalist strategy game, the game has simple rules. Basically, the game is like chess and each player’s goal is to move the pawn on the opposite side of the board. The twist is that the players can use a tile that they can move around to block their opponent’s way. 


Risk is a warl board game with the goal to conquer the whole globe. The players can add reinforcements to their territory or attack the base of the other players. It is a simple and straightforward game that will surely ruin many friendships.

Secret Hitler

Secret Hitler is a socio-political board game that mirrors the history of the Hitler Regime. There are two camps: Liberal and Fascist parties. Each team advances the round by passing laws. Each team’s goal is different, either helping or assassinating the Secret Hitler. 

Bluffing and manipulation is needed for the Secret hitler to hide his identity from the Liberal team. The game will surely strain your friendship by just discussing the opposing political ideologies alone. 


UNO is simply the king of all games that can ruin friendships. It can be played by a small or large group and this game will certainly break any social group of friends. 

On each round, the players are dealt with cards that you can match by either suit colors, numbers or words. The players will ruch to empty his hand while hindering the other players to win.

While we continue to satirize the effects of these games on relationships, we encourage everyone to not ruin their friendships over some games. However, if tensions arise while playing these games, know that this could be a challenge to strengthen the bond of your friendships by allowing you to express anger in healthy ways. 

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