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Android Games

Top 7: Pokémon GO

Not bad for an augmented game that revolves around getting outdoors in real life during the pandemic, Pokémon GO remains at the top-grossing android games in 2021 so far. This is thanks to the ongoing events that Niantic (the developer of the game) offers its players almost every week.

But how can this happen with all the lockdowns going on, you might ask? Last year, Pokémon GO made a significant change in their game that allows players to catch, trade, and battle even without needing to leave their house. Spawn rates for Pokémon are increased and even rare events can be completed with no walking required.

Most of these events, however, are only accessible if you purchase an event pass for them. Hardcore players who do not want to miss any Pokémon that may no longer become available anytime soon would certainly pay for these passes.

Top 6: Coin Master

Coin Master is developed by Moon Active that offers quirky gameplay of everything about coin games. The concept of the game is simple and it is highly addictive. Millions of players, not only from Singapore but basically around the world, are playing this game for its fun and highly replayable game.

The game is free-to-play but it has a good amount of in-game purchases that lets you buy stars and, of course, more coins. You go on a journey to defeat many warriors and kings along the way. You spin loot, and attack raids to collect even more coins.

Overall, the game is a great alternative for games you’ll typically find across plenty of online casino Singapore websites.

Top 5: Genshin Impact

A game that took the mobile platforms by storm recently is Genshin Impact. The game developer miHoYo Ltd has created a massive open-world game that can be played on your mobile phone. There are not that many games that come to mind that have this kind of polish.

To be fair, the game has also been released on major gaming consoles including PCs. But that being said, what makes it more impressive is that this game looks genuinely good despite being on a much smaller screen. Its popularity skyrocketed as it was marketed as a Zelda-inspired game.

Top 4: State of Survival: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

State of Survival is a thrilling game that involves zombies (as what you might have guessed from the name). You are a survivor and the gameplay revolves around building a city that should endure the endless waves of zombies.

This strategy survival game has several features that make it addictive. There are tons of things you can do in the game that will keep you occupied, filling the gap where most mobile games with obnoxious waiting times have plenty of.

Top 3: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

The MOBA genre of games is extremely popular in the straits times and it is not surprising that Singaporeans love this game so much. It is amongst the few MOBA games that became exclusively available on mobile phones.

It was certainly impressive that a game genre thought to be only playable on PCs was brought over to the mobile platform. And to everyone’s surprise, it became an instant hit. Admittedly, several functionalities are missing due to hardware limitations, but it works and runs like a charm on a device that can fit inside your pocket!

Top 2: Three Kingdoms Tactics

Another popular top-grossing game in Singapore is yet another strategy game from Qookka Games and KOEI TECMO, the developers behind popular game series such as the Dynasty Warriors, Ninja Gaiden, the Atelier series, and many more.

What this proves is that the game is most certainly impressive given the dev’s experience when it comes to making games about wars, kingdoms, RPGs, and the likes.

Top 1: Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade

Rise of Kingdoms is not your average real-time strategy game, the game presents itself with such remarkable visuals and simplistic game mechanics. What makes this game different from any other game of the same concept is that there are many different unique civilizations that you can choose from.

Building and expanding your land is the main objective and while it can get repetitive at times, Rise of Kingdoms has several campaigns that you can play solo or with your friends. Some resources are a bit challenging to unlock and it’s no wonder why some people would simply purchase them with real money for convenience.