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Travel Insurance

MISG travel insurance is one of the best providers of insurance plans in Singapore, with its popularity second only to NTUC. The reason for this is because the brand used to be the seller of DBS travel insurance. 

DBS have changed their provider and given it to Chubb, however this doesn’t indicate that MSIG travel insurance is not good. To give you an idea, let’s take a look at the travel insurance package that is being offered by MSIG TravelEasy in this latest Singapore news

MSIG travel insurance plan

The MSIG TravelEasy insurance plan is divided into three levels: Standard, Elite and Premier. The travel insurance plan includes the prices for one week stay, promotions, medical expenses, emergency medical assessment, personal accident insurance, travel delay, trip cancellation, baggage delay, baggage loss/damage and activities covered. 

The travel insurance plans also include the features that come once there is a Covid-19 extension which is also applicable to single-trip policies. These are Covid-19 benefits, offshore medical expenses, emergency medical assessment, offshore quarantine allowance, trip cancellation and postponement.

The travel insurance promos

At first glance, the prices listed for the MSIG travel insurance seems to be expensive, however the brand also offers a promotion to keep their plans competitive, one of them is their single trip plans with an impressive 40 percent discount. 

What this indicates is that if you avail an MSIG TravelEasy Standard plan for a week of travel in an Asean nation, the cost of it all is $34.20, which is not that bad. If the 40 percent promotion is available, you will get to enjoy this insurance plan which is pretty competitive compared to Aviva and NTUC Income.

What does it cover?

The coverage of the MSIG travel insurance is pretty satisfactory. Their Standard plan might have low coverage limitations when it comes to an emergency trip, and the refund for the baggage delay is lower compared to other plans but overall it’s pretty decent.

The coverage for outdoor activities is only available to Elite and Premier holders. Some of these activities are hot air balloon, scuba diving, skiing, hiking, mountaineering, marathon, jet skiing, rafting, scuba diving, skydiving, parasailing and bungee jumping.

How to claim the insurance?

There are many methods on how to reach MSIG travel insurance if you like to claim your insurance, one of them is through an emergency hotline. The brand also allows hard copy claims that you can submit in person.

For online claims, you can send your claim with supporting documents via an online form that you can download from their website to their email address. 

Is it worth it?

If you are looking for an affordable plan with a hefty amount of promotional discounts, you can choose their Standard plan. 

The only cons that we see in this insurance plan is that the Standard plan is very limited compared to Elite and Premier plans. Once you avail the Standard plan, you will be forced to upgrade because the plan has many limitations. Also, their Covid-19 extensions coverage is not the most inclusive.

Although, if you are in good health, we advise that you opt to choose their Elite plan if you are planning to do outdoor activities in your travels such as skiing or bungee jumping. 

Final thoughts

All in all, MSIG is one of the best insurance providers in Singapore with customer service and support staff available anytime. The terms and conditions are also available on the site if you need to check them. 

The plans are pretty reasonable and the claiming process is also easy and convenient. If you are traveling abroad this year, make sure that you avail one of these plans.