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punggol restaurant

Two individuals are being investigated for committing public disturbance after they were allegedly witnessed behaving in an uncontrollable manner towards some of the service employees at a restaurant in Punggol, Singapore.

In this latest news in Singapore, we will be explaining what happened in the incident. 

The public disturbance incident

According to the testimony released by the Ang Mo Kio police on March 15, they received a call for help from Fat Po Restaurant on March 12 at around 8:25pm. 

With the help of the inquiries from the witnesses and the use of the images captured from the CCTV cameras on the restaurant, the police officers have determined the identities of the two men, one aged 59 and the other one aged 55. Both men were subjected to an investigation for committing a public nuisance.

According to the Section 290 of the Penal Code 1871, the committers of public disturbances could be subjected to an imprisonment term that could be extended to three months, a fine which can be extended for up to $2,000, or both can be applied depending on the severity of the crime.

The authorities also stated that the violators of the public nuisance law would be dealt with according to the law as they take this matter very seriously. 

Account of the witnesses

According to the witnesses that the police talked to about the incident, two men allegedly caused a stir at an eatery in Punggol last March 12 while all the diners were busy with their meals.

A witness named Carol Tan went into the social media and posted her account of the incident at the Hawkers United — Dabao 2020 Facebook group. In the viral Facebook post, she stated that the men were disrespectful and aggressive towards the service staff and other customers at Fat Po.

She said that some of the unruly behaviors that both men displayed include smoking profusely at the eatery and violently breaking plates on the floor.

The men allegedly sat down to a table at Fat Po without falling in line to the queue first and then proceeded to order a pint of beer and some meals, before one of them started smoking heavily. 

She also said that a staff member advised the man that smoking was not permitted inside the restaurant and it took a while before the staff persuaded the man to go outside to smoke.

The pair then accused the server of having a rude attitude when the staff served their meals, saying that the server had rudely walked away after putting the plates on the table. One of the pair then proceeded to smash the plates.

According to Tan, she added that one of the men shoved a female service employee after she rushed to clean the floor of broken pieces of the plates and even taunted a customer to a brawl. 

After a customer said that she would be calling the police, the two men left the establishment quickly. She added that, “I wish the authorities will find these two rude men and give them the punishment that they deserved.”

Reaction of the restaurant

Fat Po posted a statement on their official social media page to express gratitude to the customers who made a stand against the two rude men.

“We would like to express our gratitude to our dear customers who stood up for our hardworking and humble service employees against these two bullies.”

“To the two rude patrons, you can destroy our plates but you cannot destroy our spirits,” the restaurant added.

Final thoughts

The police have stated that individuals who are committing public nuisance could be punished by Singaporean law. Those who are offenders can be jailed for three months or be fined, or both.