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Two New Playsets Were Revealed By Lego To Celebrate Chinese New Year

In the commemoration of the Chinese New Year, LEGO launched two brand new Chinese Traditional Festival playsets that show the lively annual celebrations and customs during this time of the year.

To further promote the product, the company will commemorate the festivities in a special episode of the LEGO Playdate video series on YouTube, that will be streamed on January 22.

Let’s take a look at these new Chinese New Year playsets in this latest news in Singapore.

Chinese New Year Lego sets

For the LEGO Lunar New Year Traditions (80108, S$99.90), the pack consists of six brick-built scenes that represent six various festival activities. A few of these activities include family visits, Spring Festival shopping, red-packet exchanging, and decoration-making for good fortune.

Included with the sets are pictures that depict Chinese New Year activities to aid the young children learn about the traditional Chinese customs while they are building their playsets.

For the LEGO Lunar New Year Ice Festival (80109, S$149.90), it is somewhat a bit different. The set depicts a lively scene at a Spring Festival Ice Skating Park, in which children can be seen frolicking in winter activities while celebrating the Chinese New Year. 

The scenes take place in a backdrop with a wintery theme, the activities includes – sledding with penguins, kids skating on a lake, hockey playing and taking photographs in a pavilion. With the spirit of the 2022 Year of the Tiger, a mini figure of a tiger is also included in the set. 

Year of the Tiger

That is not the end of the Year of the Tiger treat for the kids. LEGO also will be launching a Majestic Tiger (31129, S$79.90) set that is super easy to build and it’s very adaptable. 

You can also make a red panda eating bamboo and taking a nap on trees or a lake-swimming koi fish out of the Majestic Tiger set by rebuilding it into any of those figures. Although you can also build your own kind of animal, the only limit is your imagination.


Also, from January 3 to February 28, 2022 – LEGO is offering a 20% off discount on LEGO Friends and LEGO City sets, you can avail the offer in all retail platforms. 

Among the sets are Friends Street Food Festival (41701, S$79.90) and City Fire Rescue & Police Chase (60319, S$49.90). 

Furthermore, individuals who can visit any LEGO Certified Store between January 3 to February 13 and buy any item worth S$108 will get a limited-edition treat along with the purchase, the LEGO Year of the Tiger (40491).  

There are other promotions too, just in case you are planning to buy a less expensive gift. If you purchase any item worth S$68 between January 3 and February 28, you will get a red packet that includes a S$8 gift certificate and a Build Your Own Fish polybag (30545).

If you are an LCS shopper and you purchase any item worth S$275 between February 1 to 28, you will receive a premium gift – Taxi Modulaire (40532).


A promotional video was launched on the official WeChat account of LEGO depicting the two Chinese New Year lego sets. Each of the modules on New Year Traditions portrays the immortal Chinese customs being done every Lunar New Year, the time of the year where the importance of family bond is celebrated.

The LEGO Chinese New Year playsets can be a great tool to introduce Chinese traditions to the younger generations. It is a smart way to preserve the culture, it will help the children to appreciate the beauty and richness of the traditional Chinese culture.