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Asiaone Land Rover

The recently launched 2021 Land Rover Discovery has finally arrived in Singapore. With its three-row cabin, seven seats, and posh interior, it is perfect for an outdoor ride for the family plus it’s more practical than other two-row cabin contemporaries. The straits times got you covered for the breakdown of the new features of Land Rover Discovery.

It boasts a pair of turbocharged engines; one four-cylinder and the other six-cylinder. It is a vehicle for people who love practicality that doesn’t sacrifice good design and additional features. 

What’s New

Land Rover has given Discovery a  nice update in 2021 with many exciting upgrades and new features. Two new super-powered engines, fresh wheel designs, a new grille. Also updated exterior lighting, a new Privi Pro infotainment system, a glossy dark interior, and additional paddings.


In the Discovery lineup, it is much more practical to purchase the mid-range R-Dynamic model as it has fog lamps, aluminum interior trim, and rear bumpers. Not bad for a $57,790 price. However, if you opt for a Base S model which also has a turbocharged dual engine for $55,250. The more pricey top-level HSE model boasts more high-quality features with a $70,250 price.

Engine, Performance, and Transmission

All Disco models come with a standard all-time wheel drive but users can opt between a 296-hp turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine or a 355-hp turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six engine.

The Disco offers more sufficient power for road merging and passing. Its speed and on-road dexterity are phenomenal. The 2021 model is also efficient when changing directions in an on-road adventure., compared to your standard SUV. 

Fuel Efficiency

The EPA determines that the turbocharged four-cylinder engine has a 19 mpg capability for the city and 22 mpg for the highway. While the six-cylinder engine has an 18 mpg for the city and 24 mpg for highway. 

Interior and Design

The Discovery boasts high-end materiality on its interiors and its overall design is considered as posh. The cabin is spacious and the level of comfort increases for more expensive models. The driver and front seats are leather and with superb back support and extra cushioning with optional massage features. 

There is also good cushioning and extra padding for customer back support. The second-row seats can also be reclined in various adjustment options. The back row seats can also be folded and the Discovery’s roomy cabin can accommodate at least 29 suitcases. However, the most obvious feature of this model is its seven-seater capability when you flip the last row of seats up.

The second-row bench is also redesigned for a wider feel and extra cushioning to accommodate back support and comfort. The Cabin Air Ionization system also determines incoming air and filters it to eradicate harmful allergens and dangerous particles. 

Infotainment System

The Privi Pro infotainment system is a standard in all Land Rover Discovery models. It has an 11.4-inch touch screen display and an onboard Wi-Fi hotspot augmented with 4G connectivity that can offer real-time traffic and weather updates. 

The Privi Pro was incorporated into all Land Rover and Jaguar products and it has an updated minimalist interface that is direct and user-friendly. It also comes with a full-color digital display, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay capacity, and a wireless mobile phone charging base. 

Security and Driver-Friendly Features

The Land Rover has few driver-friendly features including a new 360-degree exterior camera system, an automated emergency braking with pedestrian sensors, and lane-keeping assists. 


The Land Rover comes with a four-year warranty package that covers 50,000 miles. Even though the Disco offers no complimentary maintenance deal, discounts on certain maintenance packages can be purchased on the dealer.


The new 2021 Land Rover Discovery is a practical vehicle that the family can enjoy. If you want more enjoyable activities, sign up at Singapore pools