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He was watching Mr Bean': Woman apologises after accusing man of staring at her in gym

A woman in Singapore apologized after she posted a video on social media accusing a man of staring at her in a gym and calling him a “creep”.

A TikTok user named Michxlim posted a video on her account depicting a man whom she believed was staring at her in a gym in Singapore on January 19.

However, the truth about the issue was revealed when an anonymous TikTok user posted a video explaining that the man was probably watching the television attached to the wall above the equipment that the woman was using.

After that, she posted a public apology to the man in another TikTok video. She stated that she felt uneasy at that time, but also admitted that she could’ve done something differently.

The man was allegedly staring at woman in gym

In the first TikTok video which was posted on January 19, the woman recorded a video of a man wearing a white T-shirt she believed was ogling her at a gym.

As written in her caption, she said that her notion was confirmed when she filmed him as his gaze was fixated on her direction.

In her video, she also used the hashtag #gymcreeps. After she posted the video, it became viral in one day, and it was purported to be stealthily filmed behind a gym equipment.

The man was actually watching Mr. Bean

The next day, an anonymous TikTok user with the social media handle of @dontanyhowrecord explained the real reason behind the alleged “ogling” of the man.

Clearly recorded in the same gym, the TikToker posted a video depicting the scene in another angle showing a television right above the gym equipment being used by the woman.

As it turns out, the man who was allegedly staring at the woman was actually watching an episode of Mr. Bean on the television.

The woman was doing lunges at the time

After the post of the anonymous TikTok user, the woman removed the first video. She then posted a new video which contains an elaborate explanation on her first video.

She said that she felt unsafe at that time, that is why she filmed the guy for evidence. She left the gym after her exercise and only viewed her video at home. She didn’t think about confronting the guy or telling the gym staff about the incident.

She admitted she should’ve not film the man

She said that her intention for posting the video was to raise public awareness about being unsafe in public spaces like a gym which is predominantly visited by men. 

She admitted that her actions were wrong and she is aware now of the consequences of her actions. She also admitted that she violated the privacy of the man as well as harming his reputation. She ended the post with an apology and reached out to the man. 

The man was negatively affected by her actions

The anonymous TikTok user then deleted his video after that at the request of the accused man. He also added that the video had a severe negative effect on the man and hoped that people will be more aware of being mindful in public spaces.


In this era of #MeToo movement, it is true that there were incidents of sexual harassments in public spaces including gyms. However, it is also wrong to dive into accusations without having a solid proof.

We should learn from this incident that both parties should have mutual respect and should make an effort to make public spaces safe for both men and women. We also need to be responsible for the things that we post on social media.

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